Our Story

In 2016, us as a family experienced something so altering and life changing that it had almost broken us in its entirety. We lost our first daughter at 39 weeks and were thrown into a world of sadness and chaos. I cannot begin to express the feelings and changes in life that come with such an experience but they have shaped me into someone different than before. When we began our journey of starting a family I never knew or thought of all possible outcomes with that. Once we lost our daughter it seemed as though we began to lose everything else. Broken and lost, I was on the verge of having to quit school and return to work. I looked for another way to supplement the family income and still be able to stay at home and finish my degree. That is where SewCraftley was born! I was always so in love with small shops and their gorgeous little pieces, but a single income family like ours couldn't afford such pricing despite how perfect they may be.... Originally I taught myself to sew (from YouTube) to be able to make my daughter vintage style clothing. Once I began gifting handmade items to friends, because that's how you do it when money is tight, they kept telling me I HAD to start an Etsy. Through spending a lot of time on Instagram I was able to build up my brand and that is what has led me to launch my own site. I pride myself on customer service from many many many years of working at In-N-Out Burger and have paired that with affordability that all mamas can enjoy. We hope you love our little brand.